GOAT Tennis Case Study


This is a confidential case, and no sensitive information is presented.


The Problem


Our player had a negative head to head versus his/her opponent. At the same time, if he/she would loose this Final, his/her Titles would be in risk of being surpassed by his/her opponent. The latter would possibly result in a stigmatized career, with a huge effect in the tennis industry.


The Background


We were in the priviledged position to have a profile for both players, being studied for many years by some of the most prominent psychologists in the world.


Our player could not see clearly what is the true reasons that he/she is struggling against this specific opponent. Questions from journalists, contract obligations, and media exposure have created a non helpful mindset.


Time Framework


Thanks to our background, we were able to intervene as late as the night before the final.


The Solution


There was an inspirational communication through the existing team of the player; we have not presented ourselves - being a foreign body - just before the final. The lines that the team have followed were upon the following approach:


  • Self belief to what makes our player winning.
  • Stop adjusting his/her game for this specific opponent.
  • Crisis management tactics.
  • Shock and awe strategy against the opponent.




Successful for our player; one of the most devastating ever for his/her opponent.

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