Champion Now and Ever

Champion Now and Ever

Inspiring someone to follow your path, and become a champion after you is a form of being a champion on top of having been One.

You know how it feels, you know what it takes, words may not describe it but recalling the champion's energy may be more than enough.

Partnership Opportunities for Top Ex Players


If you are an ex professional player who is a Grand Slam Champion in singles or doubles, have a positive head to head against another champion who was usually higher ranked than you, and had a minimum ranking of top 10 ATP or WTA then we are interested in hearing from you.


It is likely that some of our clients may be inspired by you, and your support can be critical.


We offer partnership and career opportunities in 3 levels:

  • Ad-hoc project, for the purposes of a specific match or opponent or tournament or tournament series.
  • For an agreed number of weeks per year.
  • On a full time basis.

Nurturing A Champion


Being an inspirational model is a great privilege, and responsibility.


Express your interest to support.

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