Confidentiality and Privilege


Before any partership commences, the parties should agree in writing as to the provisions concerning confidentiality and privilege that will apply to the coaching or/and management partnership.


We maintain confidentiality in relation to all matters dealt within our partnership. We may disclose information that:

  • It has been agreed to be disclosed.
  • It is already public.
  • Where we believe that the life or safety of any person is or may be at serious risk.
  • Matters where the law imposes an overriding obligation of disclosure.



Conflict Of Interest


In case we are hired but an opponent player within the ATP or WTA Tour we are bound by the Confidentiality and Priviledge provisions, and no information may be disclosed to the opponent player or his coaching and management team.



Dispute Resolution


In case an alternative form of dispute resolution, such as Mediation or Arbitration, has to take place on behalf of an existing client of ours then we commit to refer the case to an independent body / party / individual.

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