Best of 5 Challenge Case Study


This is a confidential case, and no sensitive information is presented.


The Problem


Our player had a belief that if the match goes to a 5th set then his fitness levels were not sufficient to offer an advantage to him.


We were hired on a full time basis, and we have discovered that the fitness level of our opponent was at the very top of the ATP game.


The Background


The background of our player is strictly confidential. The only information that we can share in public is that there was a specific 5 set match in the past, against a specific opponent and under a challenging personal life period.


Time Framework


After 6 months of full time partnership with the player, having shaped his team from scratch, and travelling full time 24/7 with him, a 5 set match has happened.


The Solution


We have made clear that there was no doubt in regards to the fitness level of our player. Everything was measurable, and our player has overcome one of the most demanding programme within the ATP Tour.


We have offered access to knoweldge that have really inspired the player, and gave him the confidence that any 5 set match can only turn into his favour.




Succesful. The pattern has been broken at first chance.

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