The Tennis Method


We believe that every tennis athlete has totally different needs, his / her own ways to bring results. This is why we promote individualized, private coaching.


A"good" coach may be bad for a "good" athlete. Our method invloves the "right" coach for the "right" athlete, and build the "right" Tennis Private Team around the individual.


We recognize the difficulties of an isolated environment during the journey of the tennis athlete Long Term Development, and in the tour. Therefore, out method includes The Linking of a variety of Tennis Private Teams.


Each Player with his/her Private Team strives to be the best. Our business is to link the best together, serve each team individually, and promote the linking of these teams in a way that benefits each athlete in a personalized way.


Our method emphasizes on:


  • The coach and private team -  travelling - with the tennis athlete.
  • Coaching accompanies the tennis athlete where it matters, in tournaments.


Our method does not ephasize on:


  • Selling an academy method as the right method for every player.
  • The player to accompany the academy on what matters not for the player, but for the academy's financial targets.


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For more information on our services contact us via our website or post mail at our London Headquarters.

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