Most of our services specialize in the successful long term development of the performance athlete:


  • Set up, and management of a Tennis Private Team around a full time tennis player.
  • International assessments at your place of preference, our training facilities or tournaments.
  • ATP and WTA Tour Coaching.
  • All round, tennis specialized support.
  • Talent identification.
  • Development of performance mini tennis academies.


Respectively, we strive to promote tennis to schools, and community.


From a business perspective our goal is to deliver quality coaching for recreational tennis players, too. We believe that recreational players also deserve quality coaching of ATP WTA standards.


Our business concern is:


  • To support our athlete by maintaining as high quality standards as possible.
  • To recruit the best players and coaches, and offer them the most competitive services in the tour.
  • To promote the interests of our partners, as long as there is not conflict with what it is not of our main conern.


Not of our concern:


  • Not to rely on any public, banking or tennis federation funding.
  • Not to optimize profits in any way that can be considered as greedy.
  • Not to expand our client base in any way that can harm the quality of our services.


It is a requirement that every business activity is profitable in order to be able to provide and maintain high quality services.


Find out more about our philosophy related to our Tennis Coaches.

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Private Lessons

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When You Need Us  Where You Need Us

For more information on our services contact us via our website or post mail at our London Headquarters.

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